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Editorial (MISQ):The Business of Business Data Science

Updated: May 25, 2018

“The Business of Business Data Science”, Maytal Saar-Tsechansky, Editorial, Management of Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ), 2015.

This editorial outlines opportunities for business data science research and offers guidelines for Information Systems journals and authors to promote the publication of data science research contributions. The premise of this editorial is that, the development and use of data science methods to address new and old business challenges present a wealth of research opportunities that the IS data science community is well-positioned to explore. Drawing quality data science contributions and facilitating their publications in leading IS journals has the potential to enrich our field, well serve our students and stakeholders, and may extend our community’s impact. This editorial aims to inspire a discussion on opportunities for authors, reviewers, and editors to facilitate effective writing and meaningful assessment of data science research contributions in important business contexts. A discussion is crucial to develop shared understandings and practices that our community will embrace. Whatever the conclusions of this discussion might be, having it will invariably better us as a community and benefits our mission.

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