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In 2017, I was the program co-chair of the 2017, inaugural INFORMS Workshop on Data Science. The workshop was a tremendous success, with more than 150 participants who attended the panels and paper sessions. Thanks to the wonderful organizers: Xiao Fang, Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng, and Hui Xiong, and my program co-chairs Weiguo (Patrick) Fan and Ahmed Abbasi.

The Workshop's first goal is to serve as a premiere venue for business data science research. In addition, we hope that this workshop will facilitate an important community-building effort. We hope that this meeting will be instrumental towards building a lively community of data scientists within the Information Systems discipline and in business schools more broadly, help advance the field and its positive impact on the world, as well as help grow the community and attract many more talented researchers.

The inaugural meeting was supported by a wonderful and committed leadership, including the keynote speaker, Ramayya Krishnan, Dean of H. John Heinz III College at CMU, the honorary chairs, Alex Tuzhilin and Olivia Sheng, the contributors to the Deans panel (Varghese Jacob, Paulo Goes, Ramayya Krishnan, Bruce Weber, and Qiang Ye), participants of the Editorial panel (Olivia Sheng, Amit Basu, Foster Provost, Arun Rai, and Alexander Tuzhilin), the organizing committees, the invited speakers, PC members, and all the speakers and participants whose enthusiasm and research contributions are key to the workshop’s and community-building success.

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